Vivian McConnell and Daniel Villarreal release their long awaited debut album as popduo Valebol

Daniel Villarreal and Vivian McConnell of ValebolPhoto by Gryphon HalleyThe Roadhouse Magazine crew hit the ground at Thalia Hall this past Friday for a very special night at Thalia Hall. Valebol, a Chicago based iconic express-pop duo consisting of Vivian McConnell and Daniel Villarreal, was set to perform their long awaited debut album on stage.If you haven’t already heard of…
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Winona Driver releases "Yellin'" (Official Music Video)

If you haven’t been introduced to Winona Driver already, you should be. Winona Driver is a heavy hitting alternative/indie band based in Chicago. In their latest release, Winona Driver tackles the complex issue of toxic masculinity with their powerful music video for…
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Feels Like Karma releases music video '3AM.'

‘3AM’ by Feels Like Karma is an ode to the inner scene kid that is reminiscing in us all. Feels like Karma is a band that every Millennial and Gen Z can relate to. Reminiscent of old school Paramore, Feels Like Karma electrifies their audience with edgy…