Daylong Sigh. No, I'm not talking about the feeling when you look at the clock and realize it's only Wednesday. I'm talking about the iconic self proclaimed Midwestern emo punk band taking over the Chicago music scene.  

Psychedelic riffs and funky vocals, Daylong joined us for a Roadhouse session this past summer providing a Roadhouse audience with heartfelt lyrics. powerful guitar riffs and intense drum beats. Their soulful melodies and introspective themes resonate deeply, creating an immersive experience that leaves listeners longing for more.

They shared some jams including self reflective ballard 'Just Fine' to an iconic cover of 'Creep' by Radiohead. When listening to 'Just Fine' it's very easy to resonate with Daylong if you've grown up in the alternative scene. Wanting to dye your hair and paint your nails, not fitting in to the rest of society. It's easy to relate to. 

When I first met Daylong, I knew they were something special. Their quiet, yet personable demeanor is a pleasant contrast to their in-your-face aesthetic and intricate vocals; both complimenting each other in the best ways. You can tell that their music is important to them, and it should be important to you too.

You can watch the entire live recording below: