Feels Like Karma is a hybrid-alt band that has recently been making waves in the Chicago music scene.

Roadhouse has been following their music for some time before having them in for a live session, and we are consistently blown away by their multifaceted approach to their genre.

"Each member inspires from influences different from each other, bringing in a unique sound that isn’t focused on just one genre. Our band’s genre is a sort of hybrid alternative music that has no limits, going from pop punk, to hard rock, to even post hardcore. We bring forth a sound we grew up with back in the early 2000’s/2010’s and modernize it."

We couldn't agree more. Feels Like Karma effortlessly combines elements of early to mid 2000s music to create a sound that resonates deeply with late Gen Z and early Millennial listeners. With their raw talent and mesmerizing stage (in this case, our living room..) presence, the band members seamlessly connect with their audience, transporting them to an emotional journey that lingers long after the last chord fades away back to a more simpler time, a time where we'd straighten our hair in our bedrooms with our moms straighteners, paint our nails black and wear those studded belts you'd find at mall kiosks. Feels Like Karma's live session at the Roadhouse was a statement to our younger scene and emo inner-selves letting them know that somewhere, we are still that person at heart.

Take a moment to let Feels Like Karma's full recorded session take you back to a more simpler time. You won't regret it.