Tkay Maidza Unleashes Unfiltered Rap Energy At Lincoln Hall

Photo taken by Gryphon Halley

It was a quiet Friday evening and the cold February breeze felt like a knife cutting through the Chicago streets. Lincoln Hall, a venue known for its rich history and character, was the perfect environment for an unforgettable night of music that hip hop enthusiasts everywhere will remember. The stage of Lincoln Hall was awaiting to be graced by the mesmerizing presence of Tkay Maidza, Zimbabwean-Australian born singer-songwriter and rap artist, as she embarked on her highly anticipated Sweet Justice North American Tour.

Photo taken by Gryphon Halley

To get the night started, the opening act of the night featured Gayun Cannon, a Chicago-based artist whose captivating performance skillfully united the crowd. With enchanting lyricism, she delved into themes of heartbreak from her latest EP, “Brown Sugar Baby,” as well as a selection of singles released since then — resonating with universal emotions that struck a chord with everyone in attendance.

The crowd that gathered for Gayun Cannons’ performance almost felt like family. Cannon was singing directly to us, their friends, in an almost intimate setting that felt as if we have been in the space together once or twice before. Cannons’ show felt safe. 

Following Gayun Cannons’ performance, we were met with DJ Pia B who would be leading us into performance we were waiting for — Tkay Maidza. DJ Pia B is a Los Angeles based Pia B is definitely what the crowd needed to get just enough hype for Tkay Maidza. With the perfect blend between popular artists such as Sexyy Red, and samples from our favorite early 2000s classics, DJ Pia B really kept the crowd on their toes in anticipation.  DJ Pia B calls for the crowd to chant Tkay Maidza. 

Finally, Tkay Maidza takes the stage in a burst of energy and thick cast of haze flooding the stage. The performance we’ve been waiting for has begun. Coming in hot with heavy hitting lyricism and larger than life synths, Tkay begins her performance with “Grasshopper.” Immediately, the crowd was drawn in. “The symbolism in this song is about coming out in the dark, and it’s really about coming out into your own,” Maidza says about her opening song. 

Leading the crowd through a vibrant journey through a kaleidoscope of pink and blue lights, reminiscent of a cotton candy wonderland, Tkay Maidza transformed the atmosphere into a visual spectacle. Amidst the energetic lyricism and the eclectic sea of gleaming faces in the front row to engage with, Maidza delivered a performance that was nothing short of captivating. From the beats of “Won One” to the allure of “24K,” each note seemed to resonate with the pulsating energy of the crowd. And then came the moment I personally was waiting for — “Free Throws,” which turned the performance from memorable to downright unforgettable. 

Tkay Maidza didn’t just perform; she curated an experience that showcased not only her musical talent, but also her love for her fans. The pure excitement and love from both Tkay Maidza and Gayun Cannon will linger in the air of Lincoln Hall long after the echoes of the applause fade away. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Tkay Maidza’s latest album “Sweet Justice” out now on all major streaming platforms. 

Check out Roadhouse Magazine photographers Justin Sheehan and Gryphon Halleys favorite shots of the evening:

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