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Tommy Kessler – Live Roadhouse Session

Tommy Kessler (he/him) is a St. Louis-raised, Chicago-based singer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and, above all else, electric guitarist. Having played guitar since the ripe age of nine, Tommy has developed a style all his own that informs the idiosyncratic musicality that imbues all of his projects. The Tommy Kessler Live Experience features Anna White (she/her) and Logan Greenfield (they/them), whose mastery of rhythm adds a dimension that sees Tommy’s compositions realized live and rockin’.

We were very pleased when Tommy Kessler, a renowned guitarist, recently participated in a captivating live music session with us here at Roadhouse Magazine. The session showcased Tommy’s exceptional skills and versatility as a performer, leaving everybody present in awe.

Throughout the performance, Tommy mesmerized the audience with his masterful guitar solos, showcasing his technical precision and soulful playing. His ability to seamlessly blend different styles and techniques created a dynamic and engaging atmosphere which was such an incredible thing to experience live. 

Check out the full recorded session below: 

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