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Daisy The Greats Indie Pop Odyssey at The Riviera

As the sun dipped below the Chicago skyline on Friday, March 15, 2024, an unexpected warmth lingered in the air, hinting at the electric energy brewing within the walls of The Riviera. Known as one of Chicago’s premier music venues, The Riviera stood poised to host an evening that promised to be nothing short of magical. With the stage awaiting the arrival of Daisy The Great, a dynamic indie pop duo hailing from Brooklyn, anticipation crackled in the air. Comprised of the enchanting talents of Kelly Dugan and Mina Walker, Daisy The Great was set to ignite the night with their ethereal melodies, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance as they opened for The Kooks.

The last time Daisy The Great blessed the streets of Chicago was in April 2023 for their first All You Need Is Love Tour at Beat Kitchen, the city definitely missed the band and felt blessed to have them back. 

As soon as Daisy The Great entered the stage, I knew it was going to be a performance I would remember. You could tell they cared about their audience just as much as the audience cared about them. Starting off with their song ‘Daisy,’ the band sang melodic hymns of finding beauty in your own mess. It was rich, and it was passionate. Glitter, being the lead single from Daisy The Greats’ sophomore album All You Need Is Time, touched on our inner insecurities, and let us know that self love happens at your own pace. It was an emotional start to a powerful evening. 

The light show seemingly worked in unison as Daisy The Great transitioned into their second song, “The Record Player Song” and you could tell the crowd was quickly enchanted as multiple voices from all over the crowd began to sing along to the lyrics. I remember looking around the crowd while the song was being performed to concert goers holding up personalized signs, coordinating outfits, all singing together and seemingly swaying in unison to the rhythm of the song. I could see just why this song was a fan favorite. 

Following a string of dreamy unreleased songs such as ‘Dream Song’ ‘Ballerina’ and ‘Dog’, Daisy The Great band led into the song Liar —which Kelly Dugan has mentioned in the previous interviews that the song was born via a run-on sentence via their Notes app on her phone. The song is about having a crush on a friend but being too scared to be open about it, and how difficult it is to hold onto such a secret. The dreamy cords and melodic guitar riffs along with the therapeutic vocals from both Dugan and Walker truly resonated with their fans that evening. It was truly a spectacle. 

To end the evening, Daisy The Great left us with one last song before the show concludes — Time Machine, which according to Genius is about the end of the world and building a time machine to return to a time when Earth is intact.

“The sea is crying

The moon is sighing 

It’s terrifying” 

As Daisy The Great serenaded the crowd with poignant lyrics, it was as if time stood still within the hallowed halls of The Riviera. Each note reverberated through the air, weaving a tapestry of nostalgia that enveloped every listener in its embrace. The band’s performance became a portal to a simpler era, evoking memories of days gone by. As I reluctantly left the photo pit, a wave of gratitude washed over me, thankful for the shared experience that had transcended mere music. With eyes closed, I savored the moment, lost in the collective reverie of the crowd. In that fleeting instance, Daisy The Great had not just entertained; they had forged a connection, uniting us in a timeless journey through sound and memory.

Check out the short video Roadhouse Magazines’ Justin Sheehan captured of the show:

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